Autodesk CivilisThis month saw Autodesk release the first version of its AutoCAD-based Civil 3D 2005. Facing established competition, it seems Autodesk knew it had to bring a mature product to market.

Piranesi 4It’s been two years since the last release of Piranesi, the non-photorealistic rendering solution from Informatix. Since then the Cambridge-based developer has also released a Mac version and with Version 4 added support for 3D cutouts.

AceCadAceCad has been at the forefront of steel fabrication software development for many years with StruCad, and since its purchase of Leeds-based GoData four years ago, has been looking to bring the industry’s design and management processes closer together.

Revit 7Just as we were going to press, Autodesk announced the release of Revit 7. Here we outline the new and enhanced features of Autodesk’s innovative Building Information Modelling (BIM) system.

AllplanFor the 2005 release of Allplan, Nemetschek has paid much attention to ease of use, featuring many AutoCAD-like commands. This month Greg Corke takes a look at the core and architectural modules in the multi-disciplinary AEC solution.

CorelTechnical illustration is a very different beast to core Design. Corel’s latest Designer Technical Suite packs a range of raster and vector illustration tools in a simple to use unified package.

AdobeDocument control is a major issue for engineering and building firms. Adobe has come up with a system that uses the Internet to allow the authors to retain complete control over documents sent outside of their companies.